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Since 1979, in the territory of Valmalenco, in the heart of Valtellina, Marmi Mauri has been extracting a precious material with from its quarries with characteristics that make it perfect for various uses: serpentine. From the early 90s, this fine marble has been one of the most characteristic of Lombardy. It is available in two different color varieties (sea green and victory green) and lends itself easily to different processes for use in construction and for the creation of objects and items for the home.

The Lombard company has extended its range of actions over time and since the nineties has completed its production cycle, dealing directly with the processing of raw materials and becoming the international reference point in the field of extraction and processing of serpentine.


The pure quality of Lombardy marble​

Valmalenco has great geomorphological value and an incredible variety of 300 different minerals. For over fifty years the company Marmi Mauri has extracted precious minerals from its quarries in Valmalenco, one of the richest sources of highly sought-after raw materials, which are exported all over the world, such as snake (or shale) and cut (also called solid) serpentine, beole, soapstone, talc and many others.

Our company focuses primarily on extracting and processing victory green and green sea serpentine, then transforming the raw material for coatings, flooring and for the production of stoves, kitchen items and objects.


Marble coating

Marmi Mauri, Valmalenco, extracts serpentine which is a precious stone that tends to occur in varying shades of green and diverse tonality and shades. The two varieties present in Marmi Mauri's quarries are victory green, from Dossi di Franscia and Valbrutta and sea green which is extracted from Le Prese. 

From the start of the 90s, M.M. has specialised in working with serpentine and processing it to create stone stoves, marble external cladding and beautiful internal decorations.

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